What is Flank Speed? The Allure of Maximum Velocity

flank speed

If you’re here, im sure you’ve pondered the term “flank speed”. But what does it mean? This nautical term plays a significant role in various industries. From naval operations to pop culture, understanding flank speed gives us a glimpse into the world of maximum velocity and its importance. Fun Fact: The term “flank speed” is … Read more

Center Axis Relock Explained: Beginner’s Guide

Center Axis Relock

The Center Axis Relock (CAR) is a new way of holding and using guns, especially in tight spaces. It’s designed to help shooters have better control, shoot faster, and be more accurate. Both police officers and regular people who use guns are taking notice of CAR. If you’ve heard about CAR but don’t really know … Read more

How Rare Are Anticyclonic Tornadoes? A Fascinating Weather Event


As someone who has always been fascinated by the power and mystery of weather, I find tornadoes particularly intriguing. But did you know that not all are created equal? Among the various types of, anticyclonic tornadoes are a rare phenomenon that has captured my attention. These versions rotate in a clockwise direction in the Northern … Read more