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Ubiquitous Secure Technology


CESTEMER 2015 Call For Proposals

Types of Submissions

An aim of this conference is to foster constructive cross-pollination of ideas. Accordingly, we welcome contributions from all who see a place for their work and concerns within our theme: researchers, scientists, educators, performers, philosophers, innovators, learners, storytellers, professionals, enthusiasts. We are currently seeking submissions of the following formats for CESTEMER '15:
  • Regular Session Presentations: A presentation, performance, panel or other informative format, fifteen minutes in duration.
  • Workshop Presentations: A presentation, performance, panel, workshop or other informative format with some interactive component, lasting forty minutes in duration.
  • Professional Development Workshop Session: An interactive format lasting one to three hours in duration.
  • Share Faire Presentations: A poster or other continuous format.
We encourage (but do not require) creative use of the allotted time and space, and are happy to consider proposals for nontraditional presentations.

Submission Format and Instructions

We are still accepting Share Faire submissions. All other submissions are closed.
Please complete our proposal submission form for Share Faire submissions only.

Submissions for Workshops/Talks and Professional development is now closed. We are still accepting Poster/Share Faire submissions.

For more information, contact the CESTEMER program committee at