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Ubiquitous Secure Technology

TRUST Student Transfer and Research

TRUST Student Transfer and Research (TRUST STAR) is a nine-week summer program in Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trustworthy Systems, was established to increase the number of eligible transfer students to 4-year programs in computer science and electrical engineering. TRUST STAR targets students who have been educationally or economically disadvantaged and who may not have exposure to the academic environment of a research university.

Program objectives are:

  • To provide students with preparation to become research scholars
  • To increase the number of successful transfer students in computer science and engineering
  • To stimulate an interest in graduate study
  • To increase the number of successful underserved applicants able to enroll in graduate school

Program benefits include:

  • Approximately 9-10 weeks of research
  • A research stipend of $4500
  • Round-trip travel to the Berkeley Campus
  • A double room in a residential hall
  • One-on-one transfer advising through TAP

Upon completion of this program students will be better prepared to apply for transfer to a four-year program in computer science or engineering.


Campus Location: University of California, Berkeley
Sponsoring Faculty:Ruzena Bajcsy, Deirdre Mulligan TBD...
Program Dates: June 7 - August 8, 2015
Research Areas: Secure Telehealth, Mobile Device Privacy, ...

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